March 03, 2021

Why Mediterranean-Style Houses are Always On-Trend

Are you searching for a new home? Perhaps you’ve come across the Mediterranean-style houses available on the market today. Think red-tiled roofs, warm hues of oranges, and curved features like archways. These elegant homes reflect the architectural styles in Mediterranean countries, such as Greece, Italy, and Spain.

With the arrival of modern-themed developments, how do Mediterranean houses retain their appeal and still rank among the classiest choices? The short answer: these houses combine beauty and functionality in one structure. Still, there are other contributing factors as to why Mediterranean homes never go out of style.

Here are some of them.

The House Style of the Rich and Famous

The Mediterranean houses that we know today have a history that dates back to the 1920s, when people had a strong fascination with wealth and leisure, leading to the boom of seaside resorts. While all of these happened in the United States, Mediterranean houses in the Philippines are built to resemble Mediterranean villas’ aesthetics and the feeling of being on a luxury vacation.

Mallorca Villas in Silang, Cavite, for instance, is one of the most prestigious Spanish-Mediterranean-themed communities to date. Its spacious and deluxe houses are reminiscent of the vibrant Mallorca Island in Spain. Curved doors and windows, coupled with ornate detailings, make Mallorca Villas units ideal for a classy home. 

The Philippines’ History Links with Spain

With over 300 years of being a Spanish colony, the Philippines absorbed many of the Spaniards’ traits, from food to culture. In terms of architecture, Spain’s remains are evident in historical sights like Intramuros, colonial-era churches, and the famous cobblestoned street of Vigan.

The rise of Mediterranean houses in the Philippines naturally complements the country’s existing heritage architecture. These houses don’t look out of place in the local setting, highlighting the correlation between design and location when it comes to residential developments. Mallorca Villas is an excellent example of a well-planned community, offering Spanish-style houses in Cavite, which is home to many historical sites. 

The Tropical Climate Contributes

Mediterranean houses are prominent in warm-weather climates, making them more suitable in many parts of a tropical country like the Philippines. The large exterior windows, clay roof tiles, and open-style layout are combined to reduce heat, while balconies, courtyards, and archways help bring in a breezy atmosphere.

The Mediterranean Architecture Brings a Vacation Vibe

A villa-style house set in an amenity-filled subdivision like Mallorca Villas is one of the best options for modern, deluxe living. Converging with the house’s classic architecture is a mix of contemporary amenities. These include a swimming pool, multi-purpose courts, game area, and playgrounds for a complete staycation experience.   

Mallorca Villas in Silang, Cavite offers a diverse range of Spanish-Mediterranean houses, suitable for young professionals, couples, and various family sizes, giving everyone the chance to own a high-quality and stylish home. Unit types include townhomes, duplex units, and single-attached and detached units, with floor area sizes ranging from 43 to 123 square meters. Lot-only packages are also available for those who plan to customize their dream Mediterranean house.

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