December 12, 2021

5 Christmas Scents Suitable For The Whole Year

Part of many people’s Christmas traditions is to decorate their homes from top to bottom to suit the festive season. Staple decor items are the Christmas tree, wreath, tinsel, mistletoe, nativity scene, and stockings. And while the glitz and shine of the decor make the holidays more joyous, adding the right scents will create a home that inspires comfort, relaxation, and togetherness for you and your loved ones.

Make your home smell fresh and more festive with these five scents. The best part is these fragrances are suitable all year round!


The cool and refreshing scent of peppermint is sure to give Christmas vibes any time of the year! Aside from sprinkling peppermint candy on your favorite drink or dessert, create a relaxing atmosphere in your home by introducing peppermint-scented candles in your bedroom, bathroom, or home office. Light them up to enjoy a sweet scent that will remind you of the frosty holidays, even if it is no longer Christmas.

If you aren’t a fan of candles, try peppermint essential oils! Place a drop or two on your potpourri bowl or scent diffuser. You’ll have a home that smells like Christmas that also helps you decongest your allergies and moisten your skin.

Orange and Cloves

If you’re after something more tropical and coastal, choose orange and cloves. They add a spicy yet tangy fragrance to your home. They’re also perfect for homes with a tropical interior and vibe, such as the houses in Mallorca Villas.

Spritz your orange and clove essential oils in your Christmas wreath for an organic holiday smell. After the holidays, drop some of the oil on incense sticks or a potpourri bowl for a fresh and energizing scent. In addition, add orange-scented or clove-scented candles to intensify the rustic smell of your home.


What best keeps us warm and comfy during the cold Christmas season? Hot chocolate! The sweet, rich, and nostalgic aroma of chocolate establishes a feeling of being kids waiting for Christmas time to open presents. But you don’t have to wait for Christmas to enjoy the sweet smell of chocolate. Test out new recipes for desserts and drinks with chocolate. The slightly burnt smell of the oven will bring out an organic and rustic feel of the holidays in your kitchen.

Intensify the chocolatey aroma with—you guessed it, chocolate-scented candles and scented gels! Place these in your living room to establish warmth and comfort in the center of your house or condo unit.


Another staple scent and flavor of Christmas is cinnamon. Cinnamon is a versatile spice perfect for roasted dishes and beverages. For a stronger and more natural smell, use cinnamon sticks or bark. Place them in a bowl or jar to let their smell spread through your chosen room.

Furthermore, couple your cinnamon sticks with your chocolate-scented candles or wax chips. Combining these two flavorful scents will foster an ambiance similar to your favorite coffee shop or even mountain cottages.

Pine Trees

Sometimes, less is more. If you’re after something more natural and subtle, the scent of pine trees is an excellent option. Introduce this breezy scent in your home by placing pine potpourri, scented pine cones, and pine-infused candles in your living room, dining room, and bedroom. Couple them with your orange and clove scents and enjoy a rustic cottage-like atmosphere 24/7.

Scents are great tools to freshen up any space in your home. While the Christmas holidays only happen once a year, using these five scents will make you enjoy festive scents all year round. Use these for your aromatherapy and for a fresh and pleasant-smelling home.

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