February 02, 2022

5 Gifts Perfect for Your Coffee-Loving Friends

In many circles of friends, there will always be that one friend who loves coffee. You’ve probably seen them drink multiple cups like they’re water every day. And if your friend works from home, the right tools will make their coffee-drinking game better and perhaps uplift their mood.

If you’re wondering what are the perfect gifts to give your coffee-loving friends, here are five gift ideas to consider:


Coffee is on top of the list for a reason; you can’t make different brews and blends without the most important ingredient. Coffee comes in different shapes and sizes. Choose flavors that your friend prefers; select different types suitable for hot brews and iced blends.

Now, if you want to “prove” you love your friends to the moon and back, gift them a monthly coffee subscription! They’ll receive a box of coffee grounds, usually differing every month, a pamphlet telling the origins and history of the coffee, and other accessories. A monthly coffee subscription will provide your friends’ daily coffee needs for the whole year, especially if they live somewhere suburban like Mallorca Villas in Silang, Cavite.

Milk Frother

For your friends who love milk in their coffee, gift them a milk frother. This device creates bubbly and foamy milk perfect for lattes, cappuccinos, and ice-blended drinks. Milk frothers also range from battery-operated handheld types to frothing pitchers and add-ons to expresso machines.

Giving a milk frother to your friend also lets them try different coffee blends at home. They’ll have the right tools to recreate their favorite coffee shop beverages on a budget right at their kitchen counters.

Clear Mugs

Let’s say your coffee-loving friend is building a coffee bar at home. Support their pursuit of being a barista by giving them clear coffee mugs and glasses. These transparent vessels are perfect for taking aesthetic shots of coffee blends. Wouldn’t it be cute to take a reel of milk poured in a glass of coffee with ice cubes?

Select clear mugs of different heights and sizes. Short ones are suitable for hot coffee drinks, while the taller ones are perfect for iced coffee, cold brews, and frappuccinos.

Coffee Grinder

Different coffee makers will require the right size of coffee grounds to brew properly. If you’re giving coffee grounds, why not pair it with a coffee grinder? Your friend will thank and love you for giving them a device that lets them grind their coffee beans into different sizes, fineness, and coarseness.

Like milk frothers, coffee grinders can either be manual or electric. An old-school coffee grinder needs to be turned multiple times to get the desired coffee size and texture. On the other hand, electric coffee grinders are more efficient and perfect for your friends who need to have ready-to-brew coffee all the time.

Moka Pot

Moka pots are the favorite brewing devices of Italian coffee lovers. Unlike most brewing appliances, Moka pots are placed on top of a low-heat flame to make coffee. Give one to your friends to let them experience a new way of making their favorite drink.

Moka pots range in different sizes and colors, although the traditional ones are silver with black handles and tops. When gifting this to your friend, add a milk frother, a clear glass, and a stirring spoon to complete the ultimate coffee-lover gift.


That said, these five gift ideas are ideal for your friends to enjoy their coffee and explore new blends. Choose which ones will make your coffee-loving friends happy, and surprise them on their birthdays, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day.

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