February 02, 2022

5 Creative Ways to Display Your Plants

Indoor plants are excellent decor items that bring nature into your home. Garden and hobby stores offer special pots and containers for plant parents to flex their precious greens while maintaining their home aesthetic. Modern accessories are also available to display plants indoors in exciting ways.

But if you’re still clueless on where to put your plants in your Mallorca Villas home and how to display them, here are five creative ways to feature your indoor garden:

Let Them Flow

Some plants have leaves and stems that grow quite long. Vine-like, creeper plants are best displayed on high surfaces where their greens will flow beautifully. Suitable areas where you can put your flowing plants are your window sills, floating shelves, and on top of your tall cabinets.

Hanging planters are also great containers to let your plants flow naturally. Place these on the corners of your home and let your greens cascade downwards and embellish your otherwise bare walls.

Let Them Climb

Train your plants to climb upwards and stay upright with wall hooks. Let’s say you want to create a plant wall by your staircase area. Mark where you want your plants to climb and place wall hooks. Attach your plants to the hooks and enjoy climbing plants that will stay vertical.

Hanging plants with this method is excellent for creating plant walls indoors and outdoors. Add crawling plants to your walls to mimic the romantic vibes of weathered walls covered in greens found in Italian gardens. Their wall gardens will also match your home’s modern Italian theme.

Put Them in Terrariums

Love succulents? Arrange them in glass containers and create open and closed terrariums. Search for unique glass jars and geometric containers to hold your cacti and succulent plants. Make sure to research which plants are best for closed or open containers so you’ll have healthy plants indoors.

Terrariums aren’t just beautiful plant displays. The glass containers create a magical and apothecary-like environment in your home. In a way, you’ll live your Harry Potter dreams with your lovely plants.

Frame Your Greens

Fuse your love for art with nature by framing your plants and building a green art wall. Select frames with wooden and muted neutral finishes to keep up with the zen jungle theme. It is best to choose hardy succulent plants like red yuccas, hens and chicks, agave, and aloe vera for this project. They’ll thrive with minimal to zero maintenance, and you’ll keep your frames from rotting and warping due to moisture.

Framed greens are easy to put up, rearrange, and disassemble. If your succulents grow too large, swap them with smaller ones. You’ll have beautiful and sustainable wall garden art that will surely catch your visitors’ eyes.

Place Them on Top of Your Lighting

Bring in the outdoor dining experience indoors by putting your hanging plants over your lighting fixtures. Install an overhead suspended planter strategically where your lighting is. Place potted hanging plants and let the leaves cascade on the edge. To water your plants, use a mister to avoid splashing water on your lights.

Decorate your green lighting display with pendant lights and fairy trinkets. Your dining area will look like an enchanted garden that is transported into the modern world.


Indoor plants pave the way for different creative methods for you to create beautiful indoor gardens. Try these five creative ways to display your plants and enjoy a refreshing forest inside your home.

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