February 02, 2022

4 Steps to Becoming a Minimalist Homeowner

The minimalist way of life calls for the mentality, “less is more.” It is not only a growing lifestyle trend but a conscious effort to reduce dependence on material possessions. At the same time, it puts a stop to overconsumption that is stripping Earth bare by the day.

If you have lived in one place for a long time and accumulated a lot of random belongings, the transition to a minimalist lifestyle can be overwhelming. Meanwhile, for those moving in to a new home like Mallorca Villas, the timing couldn’t be more perfect for making the switch.

Here are four ways to alter your life and become a minimalist homeowner: 

Set a Limit to Your Possessions

Living minimally starts with reducing clutter. The famous KonMari method can be helpful to execute this task, compelling you to remove items that no longer serve their purpose or “spark joy.” 

For this to work, you need to have a clear vision of the life you want. Otherwise, it will be challenging to determine which items to keep and let go.

Reduce Your Floor Space

After the purging process, you will realize that you do not need as much space as before. So the next step could be downsizing. Consider moving to a smaller home, perhaps from a single-detached one to a townhouse at Mallorca Villas. The development also has lots for sale, which offer more freedom when it comes to home design. These options allow homebuyers to build a living space with fewer rooms and closets or a one-story unit with an open floor plan. 

However, while doing this, think about your future goals, such as raising a family or living with your parents. Your loved ones can be involved with minimalist living, but they have their own needs, too.

Buy With a Purpose

To be a minimalist homeowner, you need to ensure that every purchase made is intentional. Always ask the question, “how will this benefit me and my home?” when buying a new household item. Assessing your intentions before purchasing can also be revelatory. Sometimes, we buy for the wrong reasons and end up with items that don’t add value to life.

If you really need new furnishings for your Mallorca Villas home, consider buying multifunctional furniture. Besides having multiple uses, they should be easy to move around the house, so there’s no need to buy multiple items with the same use. 

Remember That Spaces Are for Living

Finally, it is time to stop viewing your home as a storage space. This means you should make it as comfortable and clutter-free as possible. Where unused items accumulate, start decluttering, then take up the whole space for you and your loved ones.

A basement, for example, can be turned into a craft room, a fitness area, or a family room. Through this, you can naturally invest more in experiences than material goods. 


Being a minimalist homeowner can be a radical change and also life-changing. While there are no strict rules to living with less, following the tips above can help you get started and make significant progress.

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