February 02, 2022

4 Staircase Design Ideas for Your New Home

The staircase is often left plain or untouched when designing a new home. But this structural element can actually be an object of attention while still doing its function.

A good staircase design allows you to have a stairwell that serves its purpose in the most effective way possible. It can further brighten up the interiors and make the most out of your space when incorporated with aesthetic elements.

For your new home at Mallorca Villas, here are four staircase design ideas worth considering:

Straight Wooden Staircase 

To keep the look timeless, you can never go wrong with a straight wooden staircase. It is most suitable for a minimalist homeowner looking for simplicity with a subtle wow factor. Combining it with a glass balustrade and railing makes it even more pleasing to the eyes. 

Function-wise, a straight staircase with closed risers is the easiest to ascend and descend. It is then ideal for a household with children or the elderly. A wooden staircase will also stand the test of time, especially when built with a resistant material like timber. Hence, it is both a practical and economical option. 

Floating Staircase 

If adding visual interest to your home is the primary goal, go for a floating staircase. This design minimizes or hides the supporting structure of a staircase (usually the riser). Build it without a handrail, and you can further enhance the levitating look. 

However, a floating staircase may not be ideal for a home with kids. But it is a wise option if you’re planning for a house with less floor area. It allows for more room underneath and creates a sense of openness and space. 

Concrete Staircase

A concrete staircase is a smart option if you want an industrial-themed interior for your Mallorca Villas home. It pairs well with other raw materials such as wood and soft furnishings for contrast. 

Concrete can also act as a blank canvas for light and shadows if there are large windows near the staircase. While the natural look of a concrete staircase is already alluring in itself, you can further improve it by having a glass balustrade and textured stair tread mats. 

Illuminated Staircase

If you already love the functionality and look of your home’s staircase, you can still make a tiny but helpful change: light it up. Using hidden LED lights, illuminating handrails, and adding linear step lights are some ways to keep your stairs in style.

Of course, adding lights to your staircase is not purely a decorative pursuit. It also improves safety as you move from one level to the next. It increases the functionality of a staircase in a dark environment, making it easier to ascend for every household member. Open-riser staircases can be illuminated below, so it’s safer and looks magical. Pendant lights—those suspended from the ceiling—can also be considered if you want a highly decorative addition to your staircase. 


Aesthetics, comfort, and safety all play a part in a good staircase design. Look into these ideas to ensure that steps in your home can lead to a delightful experience. 

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