March 03, 2021

4 Modern Interior Upgrades for a Spanish-inspired House

Spanish-inspired houses, like those you’ll find at Mallorca Villas, exude a classical beauty that's reminiscent of gorgeous villas in Spain. Homes with such a lovely exterior call for an equally pleasing interior. Mixing traditional Spanish elements with modern design trends is a sure-fire way to create a home with lasting appeal. 

Perhaps you want to inject a modern Spanish aesthetic to your existing house, or you’re looking to buy a classy Spanish-style unit in subdivisions like Mallorca Villas. Whichever the case, the following tips will help you achieve a polished Spanish interior with a modern charm.

Play With Neutral Colors 

Traditionally, Spanish-style houses carry a sense of warmth and coziness. This design is all about using vibrant colors. For example, the housing units at Mallorca Villas are irresistibly charming with their red-tiled roofs and warm yellow exterior paint.

For a modern twist, you may want to consider using neutral colors inside the house. Different shades of whites and greys are a great match to natural wood elements. Offset the stark whiteness and earthy tones with dark-colored furniture pieces. For accent colors, you can never go wrong with browns and reds.

Choose a Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is a nice upgrade from old-world Spanish floor surfaces like tiles and stones. Bare, earthy wooden floors make an excellent base for textured rugs and accent pieces. Hardwood floors are also known for their high-quality look, leaving the impression of elegance and warmth. Best of all, they can withstand heavy foot traffic, offering the gift of long-term durability.

Add Spanish-inspired Accessories

If you prefer a simple interior, go for furniture with decorative purposes, such as oak and solid wood pieces. Free-standing cabinets or built-in wall benches can also add a rustic look to your home. Pottery, stained glass, and woven wall hangings are some of the quintessential Spanish home accessories worth considering. For a pop of color and eclectic vibe, adding bright woven rugs and displayed guitars will do the trick. 

Infuse Boho Elements

Earthy colors are common in bohemian or boho interior, so you can seamlessly blend them with Spanish design. In Spanish-boho interiors, natural elements, varying textures, and vintage pieces come together and create an unconventional aesthetic. You can add boho elements by incorporating the right rugs, pillows, baskets, and other wood pieces to your overall home design.

If you have an affinity for nature, the more you should consider mixing boho and Spanish styles. The former is also known for using houseplants for decoration. Hanging planters, plant stands, or wall-mounted plants can instantly add a mellow and cozy vibe to your home. Meanwhile, mini glass terrariums filled with succulents are the favorite among modern-designed houses. They can be hung on an empty corner for a layered look or used as a centerpiece for a coffee table.

Classic Spanish-inspired houses never seem to go out of style. The Spanish-inspired homes at Mallorca Villas are a true testament that this home design has an undying charm. Still, with the tips above, you can blend old with the new and further increase the appeal of a Spanish house.


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