April 04, 2021

Family-Friendly Amenities You Should Be Looking for in a Suburban Subdivision

Life in the suburbs has a slower pace, but it’s definitely not easier, especially if you live far from essential establishments and facilities. If you’re planning to move to the province and raise a family, living in a subdivision will offer you some much-needed convenience. 


Mallorca Villas in Cavite, for example, is a suburban subdivision that’s strategically located near schools, hospitals, and industrial parks. Location-wise, living in this kind of community won’t give you any problem. Getting the location right puts you one step closer to living your best suburban life. For your next goal, you should have access to family-friendly amenities for a quality residential experience. Here are the most important ones you need:


Well-Lit and Spacious Streets


Your family’s safety is always a priority, so you’ll want to find a home environment with well-lit and spacious streets. Kids shouldn’t be roaming outside the house at night, but in case that happens, a well-lit street can provide a sense of security. It’s also beneficial to drivers and residents who work at night. Meanwhile, spacious streets or roads allow residents to walk more within the subdivision without worrying about the vehicles passing by. 


Green and Themed Surroundings


A subdivision with parks, playgrounds, and overgrown trees creates a healthy space for everyone. Greenery has long been known for its positive effects on people’s health and wellness, so having these spaces can benefit the whole family. Some subdivisions are on another level because aside from landscaped greens, they follow a specific community theme. Mallorca Villas, for instance, is a Spanish-Mediterranean-themed subdivision with houses inspired by resort villas in Spain. Surrounding these stylish homes are well-manicured lawns and pocket gardens.


Playing Courts


Basketball or tennis courts promote a healthy and active lifestyle among residents living in a subdivision. Outdoor sports are great for kids and adults alike as these activities can help improve physical, mental, and social skills. Joining neighborhood sports events is also an excellent way to get to know other residents and be more involved in the community. 


Swimming Pool and a Function Area


Of course, who wouldn’t love having a swimming pool? If you can’t have one inside your home, the community of Mallorca Villas can give you access to a resort-style pool. In this subdivision, the swimming pool is located in a spacious amenity area called Club Mallorca. There are bathrooms and shower rooms that can be used before and after dipping in the pool. There’s also a function area, where families can hold parties and other gatherings. Events are so much fun when there’s an expansive pool!


A Commercial Area


For added convenience, you’d want to live in a subdivision that has a commercial area. Here, you’ll find essential shops such as small groceries and water refilling stations, so you don’t need to go outside the subdivision to get the basics. A commercial area can also be filled with specialty stores, restaurants, laundromats, and even beauty salons, depending on the area’s size and the community’s regulations.


All these amenities play a crucial role when starting a new life in a subdivision. They’ve been put in place for a reason — to make your home environment safe, healthy, fun, and convenient.

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